The organization is operated under the consultation of the TAEEs board on behalf of its members. The day-to-day activities are carried out through supervision of Executive Director, assisted by the departmental heads split into four departments

  • Administration
  • Finance Department
  • Projects Department
  • M&E Department


The organization has at its discretion a multi-disciplinary team of professional staff consisting sociologist, water supply and sanitation specialist, public health and hygiene specialists, community development specialist and environmentalists. It also enrols short term inputs from professionals in specialized fields on a case-to-case basis.

TAEEs Board

  • Prof. F. Mwanuzi – Board Member and Technical Advisor
  • Mark Njiu – Board Member and Managing Director of Inter-Consult
  • Griphin S – network for water and sanitation (NETWAS)
  • Anael Macha – Board Chairperson
  • Deus Masige – Executive Director and Board secretary


The secretariat is responsible on the day to day activities and the following are the accounting officers

  • Deus Masige – Executive Director
  • Isabella J. Tawete – Finance Manager
  • Ester Robert – Accountant
  • Hildergarde Aloyce – Projects Manager


TAEEs has the following organs

  • General Assembly (GA) – Comprising all members
  • Executive Board (EB) – Comprising board members
  • Executive Committee (EC) –  comprising director and all head of departments



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  1. christine says:

    good job TAEEs

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