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This post is only meant to TAEEs staff to report back monthly activities they have done for the whole month and plan for the next month.
To this time, this is under trial to text how it functions, so if you are not TAEEs staff,please don’t submit this form

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Research report from Mikindani

This is was a 2013 April research work that was done by TAEEs with support from Tanzania Water and sanitation network (Tawasanet) to research on sanitation performances in schools Mikindani Ward in Mtwara DC.
Most findings have been included in the report but most importantly is that sanitation status at the moment is at low level that need stakeholder’s intervention to support our children who are suffering from poor sanitation condition and makes them uncomfortable to exist. Most sanitation facilities are locally built and have no roof which makes them vulnerable to get filled with rain water as well as storm water in some places below the desired life span. This adds more cost to community members that require digging more pits every one or two years which adds more life pressure to Mikindani people. More details read from here Mikindani Research report on SWASH

Annual Report 2013

For the year 2013, TAEEs undertook various activities both in rural as well as in communities particularly the rural poor.
As part of the responsibilities, and to share with our partners and other stakeholders, we are hereby releasing the 2013 annual report for public view.

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