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TAEEs has been engaging in supporting community activities since its establishment. It is well known and clear that alongside constructing physical water and sanitation structures we must provide education on how to protect them. Environmental management, hygiene and sanitation are our main concerns. Villagers we are working with are equipped with appropriate knowledge on how to be able to manage their health, environment, water resources and infrastructures. Read more here TAEEs newsletter Issue 1, January, 2015


WASH profile get enhanced in Karagwe and Kyerwa Districts

The Water and sanitation profile in both Karagwe and Kyerwa District has been noted to have enhanced via the Rural Water and Sanitation Program (RWSSP) was introduced in these districts. The project that started in 2009 has brought a notable remark to these villages particularly to public institutions such as Primary schools and health centres in Rwabikagate, Kigorogoro (Kyerwa district) and other 6 villages of Chanika, Chamchuzi, Nyakakika, Chabuhora, Kayungu, Nyaishozi in KAragwe districts. More details can be read from here
WASH Newsletter, February 2015

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