Benefits & Fringes

To use organization legal entities e.g. logo to apply for works, write proposal and tenders on behalf of the organization. Under this category the work will follow the normal routine and the Executive Director (ED) will account for the rest of the matters such as negotiation (if so needed) and signing the contract.

Attend crucial matters of the organization and voice over any matters arising. The need will be approved by the head of the secretariat and the cost to be involved will be borne by the organization.

To use the approved organization information namely the constitution, brochure and organization profile for tendering processes when writing a proposal on behalf of the organization.

To have a right to know what is going on within the organization, excluding the organization confidential information.

Any member will have access to use organization information technology (IT) properties i.e. computers if and only if he/she is undertaking organization works and this will be approved by the ED and will depend on the availability of the facilities by that time.

To be invited to attend internal or external meetings, workshops, seminars, courses, studies training etc as will be seen suitable by the organization.


Information delivered by any member will only be valid if and only if they have been approved by head of secretariat

There are no dividends to any members.
It is not a must to work with any member for any project. A member will work/ or will be called to work if any only if the project management committee thinks suitable to work with such a member.

Payment for project undertaking will be issued as just like any other worker as will be decided by the management concern. Such a member will not be tied to work in any project. She/ he will do that whenever he/ she thinks convenient to him or her.

The audited financial matters will be made available to all members and non members at the end of each financial year. It is the right of any member to access an audited financial reports.

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