National Rural water supply and Sanitation Programme (NRWSSP) is the national program that intends to increase water accessibility and improve hygiene and sanitation condition of rural communities. The programme is being implemented to compliment various policies, strategies and program in order to achieve sustainable development in Tanzania. Among of these include; The Water Sector Development Programme (2005-2025), The National Water Policy (NAWAPO 2002), The National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA-2005) and National Development Vision 2025. The programme is co-financed by The World Bank (WB) and other development partners (DPs) and the Government of Tanzania (GoT) through the Ministry of Water (MoW).

The phase one implementation of the NRWSSP in Karagwe District commenced in July, 2009 and ended in May, 2012. This phase marked the preparatory stage that included feasibility studies and designs for various sub-projects. 10 villages of Nyaishozi, Chanika, Kigorogoro, Rwabikagati, Chabuhora, Nyakakika, Kayungu, Chamchuzi, Iteera and Kibingo are among the beneficiaries of this programme. Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) in association with NIRAS was the hired consultants for phase one implementation.

The phase two of project implementation that include construction of project infrastructures and other associated activities begun on July 2012 after procurement of contractor and consultant to undertake the said assignment. Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) was again hired to supervise the civil activities and conduct facilitation services whereas General Intertech Construction Services Limited (GICS) is the contractor for the work.

However, phase two implementation started with two sub-projects namely Nyaishozi and Kibingo Water Supply and Sanitation sub-Project.

Generally, this phase II of the project implementation of rural water supply in Karagwe will construct the following infrastructures

  • Construction of spring intakes at Rusomo (Nyaishozi) and Nyabuhiringitwa and Rushongorwa (Kibingo)
  • Fencing of intake sites
  • Construction of sump well at Nyaishozi pump station site
  • Construction of pumping houses at Nyaishozi extracting water from the constructed 50m3 sump well
  • Purchase, supply and install surface water pumps at Nyaishozi
  • Supply, installation and testing of  pipeline of different sizes
  • Supply, installation and testing of valves and fittings
  • Construction of water storage tanks 135m3 at Nyaishozi and Kibingo villages
  • Construction of forty nine (49) valve chambers
  • Construction of 23 DPs in Kibingo and 17DPs in Nyaishozi
  • Construction of demonstration VIP latrines 2 at primary school (one with 8 holes for pupils, one with 2 holes for teachers to both villages, and in one in market in Kibingo
  • Sensitization and promotion of Rain water harvesting technique using roof Catchment

Progress reports since project commencement are hereby detailed

Report 1: 1st Progress reports, Phase II-June -July 2012-WB





2 Responses to KARAGWE NRWSSP Exclusive

  1. Evodius Daudi says:

    good work well done
    student from Ardhi university BSc EE 4year

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