About TAEEs

Organization background

 The Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) was established in 2004 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), offering services in Facilitation of community based projects (such as water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, public health & hygienic and education), Engineering studies, Design, implementation supervision of water supply and sanitation projects, Environmental and institutional development studies. Furthermore, the organization aims at facilitating and assisting communities to have access to safe Water, health and standard hygienic facilities through community – based schemes.TAEEs is legally operated with registration no. 13190 under civil societies Ordinance cap 337 of the United Republic of Tanzania. It then complied with the new NGOs Act 24 of 2002 and registered under Vice president’s Office (VPO) with registration no. 1632 by 30th September 2005. 

Our Vision

Is of Tanzania community where everybody has equal accessibility to water supply, improved sanitation and hygiene services and clean environment

Our Mission 

To improve community accessibility to water supply, hygiene and sanitation services equitably and sustainably in the country

 TAEEs Goals

Ø      To improve sector knowledge in appropriate technologies and sensible managerial skills through organization of selective specialists and focused training programs

Ø      To strengthen community and sector capability in structured learning

Ø      Community capacity building in water and sanitation projects, assisting communities to manager their own projects for the present and future use

Ø      To support and work closely with other non-governmental organizations, communities and donors in delivering and facilitating public education particularly in water and sanitation, health, hygienic and other environmental based issues through participatory responsive approaches and mass media..


11 Responses to About TAEEs

  1. Hongera kwa kuboresha mtandao wa TAEEs

  2. zubeda abeid says:

    this is gr8 move and nice one,ol the best

  3. ade says:

    i wish to join with u

  4. Elizephani Godwini Messo says:

    i’m also among of them keep it up TAEEs

  5. hamisa mulokozi says:

    This is very wounderful

    • Elizephani Godwini says:

      much greetings to madam Anna Jincen, Mama Sacia, da Minja Eng. Deus  Masige, and soooooo many. happy day. 

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