WFP tenders

For internal use only, the WFP tenders 


Raise your hand for hygiene: A global call for a hygiene indicator in the SDGs!

Hygiene—specifically handwashing with soap—is one of the most important interventions for human health and development and is a universal necessity. Fundamental to fighting undernutrition, reducing child mortality, overcoming antibiotic resistance, and advancing access to education, hygiene underpins the delivery of several other Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately advances gender equity, dignity, and human rights. Sign petition to include Hygiene in the SDGs

Report back your activities

This post is only meant to TAEEs staff to report back monthly activities they have done for the whole month and plan for the next month.
To this time, this is under trial to text how it functions, so if you are not TAEEs staff,please don’t submit this form

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