Whatever you donate saves life

Women and children particularly in rural community spend a lot of time each day walking to collect water that is often unclean and unsafe to drink and accelerates to be a cause of sickness.

Women are the vulnerable group on water shortage

When children get sick they cannot attend classes in school and their mothers stay at home to care responsibilities for them. On the other hand, when fathers also get sick they can’t do any developmental activities to earn money.

The clear vicious circle begins with clean and safe water and improved hygiene and sanitation standard. Your donation today will move a milestone of millions of people starving from water shortage and poor hygiene and sanitation.

Your support in terms of donation is highly needed, valued and accounted. You may wish to contribute to serve the poor community via TAEEs dollar account through contacting the finance department via this address

Writing to us via postal office

Project and Fundraising Officer,


Box 35454, Mazingira Street, Bunju B

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Country code: +255; Mobile: 0787-349-717 or 0786-349717

Email: taeestz@gmail.com or admin@taees.com


About Masige
Masige is an Environmental activist by Qualification and is proficiency in both Civil and Environment. Masige is Civil Technician with Full Technician Certificate (FTC) and Environmental Engineer with B.Sc Env.Eng (Hons) from UCLAS. At the moment, is an Executive Director of the Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) and Managing Director of Domati Co. Ltd

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