Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPM&E)

The way we look at Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PPM&E) is as “Managing and Learning for Impact” *

This has a reason. Over the last years, there is a growing demand / interest for:

  • More focus on the outcomes and impact of development investments.
  • Forms of M&E that better support management and engage stakeholders in participatory learning processes.
  • Process orientation and capacity development

Therefore a new approach to M&E is needed that is an integral part of project management, in which stakeholders participate and learning takes place, to create real impact.

The objectives to PPM&E – Managing and Learning for Impact are to:

  • help build the capacity of individuals and organisations to effectively implement PPM&E systems (courses, advisory services, evaluation).
  • contribute to innovation in the field of PPM&E / managing and learning for impact.
  • provide practical web based resource materials, experience sharing and learning with this PPM&E resource portal.

Get more insides of PPM&E from here, the website portal developed by the Wageningen UR, CDI facilitators

If you want to know more about useful tools for institutional or project situation alaysis and strategic planning using RICH PICTURE please spare time to visit it to this website, not only that it is very interesting and interactive but also very useful in Planning and evaluation process


About Masige
Masige is an Environmental activist by Qualification and is proficiency in both Civil and Environment. Masige is Civil Technician with Full Technician Certificate (FTC) and Environmental Engineer with B.Sc Env.Eng (Hons) from UCLAS. At the moment, is an Executive Director of the Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) and Managing Director of Domati Co. Ltd

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